Viora V10 and Sculptra – Your Rear End’s Best Friends

Whether you call it your butt, bottom, bum, rump, tush, backside, booty, fanny, heinie or keister, no one wants to feel like their backside is their worst side. Well, good news! Miami Skin Institute has the expertise to help you feel proud of your posterior. While the improvement takes time, we can get you started now so that when Spring comes, you are sporting what the kids call a badunkadunk (which, we are told, is a good thing). 

a flat and a rounded posterior

But Mine is Really Flat or Flabby or (Insert Bad Descriptor)

Everyone has their own circumstances. Our bodies are all rather incredible, even unique, organic machines. Although lifestyle and diet can both affect someone’s shape and size, genetics can, for many people, stand in the way of the look they want. Perhaps you come from a long line of flat butts and your chromosomes will never permit you to naturally have the kind of butt that you dream about. Or perhaps time and gravity have cruelly made your once beautiful bum less round and full. 

Whether it’s age, lifestyle, or your genes, Dr. Jegasothy is ready to help you fill out your jeans.

Butt Lift graphic

Should I get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Your choices are your own, although only fools dismiss relevant data when making a decision. Any elective surgery has risks, but the BBL is risky enough that in 2018, British doctors, were asked to voluntarily stop performing BBLs until more research into safe practices could be done. The fact is BBLs have a startlingly high rate of complications and even, quite sadly, deaths. In South Florida alone, over the past 5 years, 19 women have died after undergoing the procedure. If one absolutely MUST have a BBL, use a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon. BUT, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an old procedure that dates back to the 80’s. There are newer procedures and technology that eliminate all the major risks that a Brazilian Butt Lift brings while providing nearly all the benefits.

So goodbye to elective surgery, and say hello to the Non-Surgical BBL. We use a potent combination of treatments crafted to make your posterior more popular: Viora V10 Laser and Sculptra.

I’m Only 18. Can I get a Better Booty? OR I’m Over 50, can Dr. Jegasothy Help my Fanny?

YES! A hundred times, yes. With decades of training and experience, Dr. Jegasothy is a board-certified expert in treating skin of all types. Our bespoke aesthetic dermatology practice is focused on making each individual look as fabulous as they wish. We don’t specialize in making individuals look like they’ve had cosmetic work done. Dr. Jegasothy is one of the pioneers of the modern aesthetic trend of helping people look naturally younger and healthier. 

One size never fits all (certainly not well). And at Miami Skin Institute we take your body and skin as they are, and craft a personalized plan to propel them toward the look you desire. Our treatments are customized to your skin, to your body, and to YOU. We are not a bargain shop. We don’t do coupons. What we do is provide unparalleled cosmetic treatments to individuals who want to look their absolute best. 

What are the Products?

Viora V10 Laser Therapy

Viora V10 Laser therapy first to shape any areas of the buttocks that need it. We follow-up the Viora Laser with Sculptra Filler to give a rounder and fuller shape especially up top to accentuate the contours of your body from the waist down.

Sculptra Filler Injection

Dr. Jegasothy has been using Sculptra for almost 20 years and has employed the Viora V10 Laser for 3 years. Around 3 years ago, she first began to use this combination to offer a nonsurgical alternative to the Brazilian Butt Lift. 

How Do Sculptra and the Viora V10 Laser Work?

We’ve talked about these before so we’ll be brief. As you can read on their website, Viora V10 Lasers use radiofrequency (like a radio station) to achieve fantastic results in body contouring, reducing cellulite as well as rejuvenating skin and treating lines. Because individual skin can be so variable, Dr. Jegasothy’s expert knowledge and training allow her to adjust the Viora Laser application for maximum effectiveness depending upon your unique contouring issues. Viora Laser treatments can be done anywhere on the body, though the bum is an especially popular spot. 

Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator. With the Sculptra, we are able to rejuvenate the deep structure of the skin by rebuilding the collagen, and add some volume to strategic areas. It is biocompatible and biodegradable, and gets absorbed both gradually and naturally as it works upon your collagen. Collagen is incredibly important to healthy skin, but it breaks down as we age, leading to so many skin conditions that appear unflattering. 

When used properly, Sculptra helps to restore the volume of your skin and stimulate collagen production filling out folds and wrinkles. There is an informational video all about Sculptra here.

Sculptra fillers

Dr. Jegasothy has been involved with Sculptra since the beginning of its FDA approval. She was one of the original trainers for the product, educating doctors in the southeastern US from 2003-2006 in the usage of Sculptra. Her vast experience with injectables, and especially Sculptra, mean you are receiving treatments from a top doctor in the field of cosmetic dermatology and an expert in the specific product.

How Long Until I Have a Bodacious Booty?

Individual time frames vary. While some results will be obvious immediately, both Viora V10 Laser treatments and Sculptra filler injections take about a month to show the full visible effects. Most clients opt for anywhere from one to four treatments. We space them about 2 months apart so the benefits of the previous treatment are apparent before we start the next. 
So, call us soon or send us a message! We will set up a customized treatment plan that works for your body and your skin type. With our non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift, you can capture the bootylicious magic of a derriere that inspires the next great hip-hop classic.