Dr. Jegasothy In The Press

Allure February 2018 - Dr. Jegasothy

The Body,Shopped

Allure Magazine/February 2018.

Want a flatter stomach? Done. A more gravity-resistant butt? Absolutely.  Whatever contour of your body you’d like redrawn, there is a treatment or surgery to do it–and the options are constantly evolving. We uncovered a few of the most exciting right now





Harper's Bazaar February 2018 Featuring Dr. Jegasothy

Can Facials Ruin Your Skin?

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine/February 2018.

Your favorite regular beauty treatment may be doing your face more than good.  Our experts weigh in.




Cosmopolitan February 2018 featuring Dr. J Miami

The Ugly Side of Beauty Bargains

Cosmopolitan Magazine/February 2018.

Why getting the most bang for your buck isn’t always the best option.



Allure November 2017 featuring Dr. Jegasothy

Do Vegans Have Better Skin?

Allure Magazine/November 2017.

That glow in their cheeks isn’t all due to self-righteousness and kale salads.