Laser Skin Tightening With Fraxel® Viora® And VBeam®

There comes an age for all of us when maximal benefit from Botox Cosmetic®, Juvederm®, Jeuveau®, and other injectables has been attained. Our parents’ generation then turned to surgery or ever-increasing amounts of Botox Cosmetic®/Fillers. This protocol did not maintain youth; it just created an “overdone” and/or “unnatural” look. This is where a variety of cosmetic lasers come in.

Fortunately, the most innovative aesthetic physicians such as Dr. Jegasothy have realized that laser treatments can tighten/smooth skin and lift sagging areas on the face and body. Laser treatments can “pick up” what injectables cannot, by tightening and lifting skin on the face and even previously untreatable issues on the body, such as fat and cellulite!

Aesthetic laser results are extremely variable and therefore, every laser treatment should be customized individually for each patient’s skin type and immediate needs. Dr. Jegasothy’s expert knowledge and extensive experience with cosmetic skin issues will guarantee you an excellent laser result with her accurate recovery prediction so you can reliably plan your post-treatment work/social schedule.

In fact, our patients in their 40’s and 50’s constantly tell us that any individual treatment is subtle for them. Although, over time (10 years), they don’t age, they look the same, and they look younger than their friends who don’t see Dr. J.

Laser company protocols are not individualized and, may not be the best settings for you for each of your individual laser treatments.  Dr. Jegasothy’s extensive training in skin biology and microscopic cellular behavior learned through almost a decade of rigorous dermatology training and ongoing continuing studies ensures that you will get a safe and effective result with every laser, every time.  There are no other physician specialties or non-physician certifications that study the skin so closely as a Board-Certified Dermatologist like Dr. Jegasothy.

Currently at the Miami Skin Institute we feature:

Viora® Radiofrequency Laser

Skin Tightening

Is your Botox Cosmetic® not lasting as long as it used to, due to sagging skin around your eyes and forehead? Sagging skin on your eyelids, neck, upper arms, belly, elbows, hands, thighs, knees? Are you seeing spots on your hands and decreased knuckle laxity, causing them to look older? Dr. Jegasothy’s Viora® radiofrequency laser treats all of these issues! Dr. Jegasothy has perfected painless and effective protocols with her Viora® radiofrequency laser that tightens “loose” skin in your face and body without surgery or scars!

What To Expect

The Viora® radiofrequency laser maximizes the century-old safe and useful “radio” wavelength of electricity in a focused beam to tighten the superficial and deep layers of the skin, as well as the superficial layers of the subcutaneous fat.

There is minimal pain during treatment, only requiring numbing cream. Recovery time is also minimal with 1 day of mild redness and 2 days of mild swelling in treated areas. Individual results vary widely based on age, weight, genetics, and other factors, but this technology is definitely the anti-aging wave of the future.

Pre Viora ButtocksPost Viora Buttocks

Since the amount of energy (electricity) and depth of penetration are highly adjustable with the Viora® and other radiofrequency lasers, it is crucial to consult Dr. Jegasothy for a better estimate of your individual treatment frequency and maintenance, so ask if the Viora® laser will help you at your next visit with us!

Pre Viora® Radiofrequency Laser for Eyelid Skin TighteningPost Viora® Radiofrequency Laser for Eyelid Skin Tightening

Fraxel® Clear + Brilliant® Fractionated Laser

Dr. Jegasothy has found a way to revitalize skin and restore that fresh, youthful glow using the Fraxel® laser.

What It Does

The laser produces thousands of tiny but deep, microscopic zones or “drilled holes” of laser columns invisible to the naked eye that target flawed skin. Requiring only a topical anesthetic, the Fraxel® resurfacing laser penetrates deep into the dermis, treating about 15%-20% of the skin at any one time, but leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected and intact. This allows the body to create new healthier, tighter tissue.

What It’s Used For

Fraxel® can treat fine wrinkling, dark under-eye circles, stretch marks, scars, and enlarged pores. It can be used to improve texture irregularities in the skin anywhere on the body, but is also gentle enough to be used safely on delicate skin areas such as the eyes, neck, chest, and hands.

Dr. J’s “Low Dose” Fraxel®

Dr. Jegasothy has perfected “low dose” Fraxel® laser resurfacing of the delicate eye area. She can use it to tighten eyelid skin, lighten undereye circles, and improve undereye fine lines. This is a treatment method which no other non-invasive treatment can improve.

With minimal recovery time, Fraxel® eye rejuvenation has become the fastest growing cosmetic laser procedure with our young patients at the Miami Skin Institute.

Fraxel® Recovery

Fraxel® laser treatment offers the benefits of laser resurfacing without the downtime and recovery period associated with traditional resurfacing lasers. Ask us about Fraxel® laser treatments if you are unhappy with the appearance of your eye area or any other area at your next office visit, or call us today.

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VBeam® Pulse-Dye Laser:

For the past 15 years, studies have repeatedly shown that pulse-dye technology is the most consistently-effective laser for treating broken facial capillaries of all sizes.

We can also treat generalized facial redness caused by skin conditions such as rosacea, and even chronic redness on the face, neck, and chest caused by years of sun exposure.

Best of all, new technological advances with this laser enable us to perform all of these achievements without the need for bruising, thereby nearly eliminating recovery time. With her extensive knowledge of skin anatomy, Dr. Jegasothy can pinpoint exactly at what skin depths your capillaries are, and therefore fine-tune the laser settings during your treatment to ensure the best results with fewer treatment sessions.

VBeam®laser for improved complexion - BeforeVBeam®laser for improved complexion - After

Laser Recovery Time

At the Miami Skin Institute, we understand the importance of getting back to your everyday routine, which is why our lasers and protocols have specifically been selected and developed by Dr. Jegasothy for their effectiveness and short recovery time.  Most of our laser treatments deliver mild “pinkness”, skin sensitivity and occasionally mild swelling for only 24-48 hours after the procedure. We give you specific instructions and post-treatment skincare, if indicated, to minimize your recovery time and enhance your overall result.  We also tell patients to avoid direct, prolonged (i.e., more than 10 minutes) sun exposure for a week to provide optimal recovery.  You will be back to your fun lifestyle, looking better than ever, in no time at all!

Aesthetic Skin Issues

Many of our lasers & other specialized skin techniques can be used to remove your aesthetic skin issues, such as white bumps, age spots, or birth marks. If you have any of those issues, which are not covered by insurance, you can trust Dr. Jegasothy to give you a sound opinion on delivering the most beautiful removal results.