Kybella ® Fat Dissolving Injections

Dr. Jegasothy is constantly learning and inventing new ways to perform cosmetic procedures so that she can better solve any issues you might have. She recently became one of the first certified Kybella ® injectors in the nation. For her entire career, Dr. Jegasothy has been a nationally-known aesthetic injectables instructor and Key Opinion Leader among her physician peers, and her early expertise with Kybella® perpetuates this status for her. Dr. Jegasothy’s innovative spirit, coupled with her years of expertise in injection and other cosmetic procedures, means you’ll get only the best results. Call us today at 305-569-0067 for more information about Kybella ® and to book an appointment. For more before and after photos, visit our Pinterest page here!

Kybella Bra Line Before TreatmentKybella Bra Line Post 6 Months

Kybella ® Fat Melting Injections:

Dr. Jegasothy is the first physician in the United States to be approved by the FDA to inject Kybella ®, on body areas other than the neck. Kybella ® is the synthetic version of a gallbladder “detergent-like” salt which solubilizes and digests fat overall and melts fat cells in specific small fat deposits when injected into them. The debris from these injected fatty areas is then removed by the natural processes of our body’s immune system.

Her peers consider Dr. Jegasothy to be the Queen of Kybella® because she has studied its international use and consulted extensively for companies conducting Kybella®‘s FDA studies for over a decade. She is currently a pioneer in treating thin patients with Kybella ® in various body areas, such as the love handles, mommy belly, saddle bags, and underarm fat.

With Kybella ® fat reduction injections, Dr. Jegasothy can reshape your body contours and more, and if you are within 15-20% of your ideal body weight, we may have you bikini or swim-short perfect as us South Floridians need to be at all times. The possibilities are endless!

Kybella Thighs - Pre 8 MonthsKybella Thighs - Post 8 Months

Kybella Thigh Results After 8 Months

Kybella Flanks - Pre 3 MonthsKybella Flanks - Post 3 Months

Kybella Flanks Results After 3 Months