Vbeam and Fraxel Lasers:Scar Reduction (aka Scar Effacement aka Scar Erasure)

No one can say for sure if the scar on his face made Tony Montoya into the notorious killer and drug lord. Certainly, the distinct mark of trauma on the left side of his face did not help. Scars are part of living, and we accumulate them throughout life. Whether caused by a surgical procedure or traumatic incident, scars are rarely our proudest features (that one memorable scene from Jaws aside).

We don’t remove scars at Miami Skin Institute. Scar removal (also called scar revision) is performed by surgeons who cut out the scar tissue and suture the skin back together, hopefully making a much less noticeable line. There are a few potential issues with this method of scar removal. Besides, one needn’t be a philosopher to notice the inherent contradiction in using surgery to remove a scar…Fortunately, modern medical advances provide new methods to eliminate the unsightly evidence of surgeries and trauma.

Laser Scar Effacement

At Miami Skin Institute, we treat scars. We treat them like fugitives from a dermatological jail. We don’t remove them, we make them disappear. Forever. 

Disappearing Scars?!?

Vbeam and fraxel laser treatment before and after

Yes. Mostly. We utilize a complementary pair of treatments to reduce the appearance of scars, and help rebuild healthy collagen in the area. As a result, those scars blend into the skin almost entirely. Removing the tissue is an unnecessary surgery when we can make the scars blend in and look like normal skin again. Our patients typically see an 80-90% reduction in the appearance of scars in the short term, and in 2-3 years the skin’s fibroblasts renew the area to the point that scars are almost entirely blended with the healthy skin. 

Say Hello to My Little Friends: Laser Treatments for Scar Effacement

For scar effacement, we use a powerful pair of laser treatments that nearly erase scars all together. Scar reduction starts with the Vbeam Laser by Candela. After the Vbeam, we use the Fraxel Laser to complement the results.

What does the Vbeam Laser do?

Well, the scientific explanation is pretty involved, but the results are pretty simple. Clinical studies show that 100% of scars treated with Vbeam Laser treatments show visible improvement. Dr. Jegasothy has been using the Vbeam Laser for decades. Over the past 24 years since it received FDA approval, she has used it to treat a variety of skin conditions. The Vbeam Laser reduces the appearance of scars by making the scar tissue appear more like regular skin. Scar tissue has more active blood cells than normal skin. Vbeam Lasers reduce the discoloration by making them less metabolically active and more like the surrounding skin tissue. With her extensive training and vast experience, Dr. Jegasothy understands how to use the Vbeam Laser optimally for every type and color of skin.

And the Fraxel Laser?

Fraxel is a newer product than Vbeam. It’s been FDA approved for our purposes since around 2005. Dr. Jegasothy has been using it since it was first released. The Fraxel Laser helps by stimulating the growth of healthy collagen which, in turn, helps the scar tissue blend into the skin even more.

To use a boxing metaphor: Vbeam Laser is the hard jab, and Fraxel Laser is the uppercut that completes the knockout. 

Both treatments for scar effacement are done in the same visit, a few minutes apart. Studies have shown they are more effective when used on the same day.

Before and after a vbeam and fraxel laser treatment on a torso

Who can Fraxel and Vbeam Help?

Almost anyone. Our procedures are appropriate for adults of any age, but we have had children as young as 12 with various traumatic scars achieve great, lasting results from our scar erasing treatments. Typically, we will use a numbing cream on children to reduce discomfort (adults are welcome to it as well!). If you have suffered trauma that left a visible scar, or you’ve had surgery for skin cancer, mole removal, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, etc., Dr. Jegasothy can help you remove the visible reminders.

You Said Trauma…What Types of Trauma Leave Scars?

Accidents, falls, assaults, even animal bites are all types of trauma that may leave scars. While we cannot erase the memory of the event, we can make the obvious, external reminders harder to see. 

Scar reduction before and after on an abdomen

When Should I Start Scar Reduction?

2-3 weeks after the surgery or trauma. Dermatologists used to ask patients to wait 4-6 months after surgery or trauma to have the scar erasure done. However, new research has shown that we get better results the sooner we start treatments. Typically, we aim for a few days after the stitches are out, or 2-3 weeks after the trauma. If the trauma was caused by an animal bite, we need to be sure there isn’t any lingering infection in the tissue, but a few weeks after the bite is usually sufficient. The treatments are very quick, and some positive results are immediate. The full visible effects will be mostly complete about 3 weeks after the procedure. While each client is different, most patients come for 3 sessions of scar reduction treatments. We space them out 4-6 weeks, so our patients can see the positive effects of their last Vbeam and Fraxel Laser application before they come for the next. If patients need to space out their treatments for budgetary reasons, that is fine, but for optimal results, we want to do the first treatment as soon as possible.

How long will the results last?

Forever. Seriously. There’s no maintenance to be done. Patients should see immediate improvement, which will continue to develop over a few weeks. The internal healing will continue for around 3 years, helping to further reduce the appearance of scarred tissue.

What Parts of my Body Can Dr. Jegasothy Treat for Scar Effacement?

EVERYWHERE. Don’t be shy. If a scar is bothering you, come to the best dermatologist in Miami for help. 

Before and after vbeam and fraxel laser treatment at Miami Skin Institute

Why Should I Use Dr. Jegasothy?

As a celebrity dermatologist with numerous awards, endorsements and accolades, Dr. Jegasothy is frequently consulted as an expert source on dermatological topics. A dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Jegasothy is a trusted, well-trained, experienced, and board-certified expert in caring for skin of all types and shades with a wide variety of conditions. She can eliminate scars on any part of the human body.

You don’t have to live with your scars. Call us today to set up a consultation. Don’t wait! The sooner we start your treatments, the better your results will be, and the quicker you can present your best look to the world! 

scar effacement procedure

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“To be alive is to have scars” 

-John Steinbeck “The Winter of Our Discontent”