The Nonsurgical Butt Lift

This isn’t the arctic. We live in the tropics where bikinis and short shorts are always in season. Let’s face it, Miami, your rear end needs to look good. A nice, plump, tight butt is something of an obsession for many of us.

No one ever wrote a song glorifying flat butts

There have been butt lifting workouts, surgeries, implants, and more for decades. There are even subcategories of butt lifts. There were surgeries to enhance buttocks as far back as the 1960s.

But (and it’s a big but), surgery is always risky. Bleeding, infection, negative reactions to anesthesia, fluid buildup, numbness, and scarring are just some of the side effects that butt surgery may cause. Elective surgery is risky, and risking serious side effects for a plump posterior is not necessary anymore!

If you want to fill out your bikini better we have great news for you!

Recent advances in dermal fillers and ultrasound technology have given us the tools to lift and shape your backside without leaving scars or risking more serious side effects. Say hello to your new secret friend: The Nonsurgical Butt Lift.

”What kind of results can I expect?”

A tighter, rounder, more full posterior with less sag.

Before and After Illustrations of Nonsurgical Butt lift
Before and After Illustrations of Nonsurgical Butt lift


Glad you asked! Dr. Jegasothy has a few tools in her repertoire to give you a butt worth writing a song about. At Miami Skin Institute, your treatments are always tailored to your skin and your body. Dr. Jegasothy’s decades of experience mean your care is artisanal quality, designed and performed by a board-certified expert with decades of experience treating all types of skin and shapes of body. With thousands of satisfied clients, we know we can help you get results that will leave you feeling more beautiful in your shorts.

Dr. Jegasothy’s Select Treatment Options for the Nonsurgical Butt Lift

Sculptra and Ultherapy

We have options on products when it comes to nonsurgical butt lifts. We may recommend Sculptra, or perhaps a combination of Sculptra and Ultherapy. Your treatment plan will depend upon your body and your skin. With Dr. Jegasothy’s expertise, we’ll craft a bespoke treatment plan using the procedures that will be the most effective for you to reach your goal. Call us at 305-569-0067 to schedule a consultation today!

Before and After Nonsurgical butt lift: Tighter and Rounder Butts are the goal
Before and After: Tighter and Rounder Butts are the goal

Nonsurgical Butt Lift Part 1: Sculptra

FDA-approved in 2004, Sculptra is a fantastic option for the nonsurgical butt lift. It is a type of dermal filler. While dermal fillers may have a rather unsavory name, they are wondrous products. There have been reports of unfortunate results for some people who’ve used dermal fillers. Usually, these negative experiences are due to a lack of training and education on the part of the provider. That is why we strongly recommend a trained, experienced, board-certified doctor for injectable treatments. With decades of experience, training, and ongoing education, Dr. Jegasothy has mastered the sparing and precise usage of injectable treatments to give her clients the best results possible. With Sculptra, Dr. Jegasothy can fill out indents, repair wrinkles, and sculpt the bottocks.

Sculptra Injections for a Nonsurgical Butt lift
Sculptra Injections for a Nonsurgical Butt lift

Sculptra is not primarily focused on immediate results although it will add some noticeable fullness to the skin. Sometimes referred to as a biostimulatory filler, the real magic of Sculptra comes in the weeks that follow a treatment. What Sculptra does (aside from making your buttocks look more full and round) is kickstart your collagen production; rejuvenating your skin slowly over the course of weeks and months. The positive results can last for years. Some patients continue to see the effects up to 5 years after their treatments. The reasons Sculptra is highly recommended by Dr. Jegasothy are the gradual and natural-looking results it gives. As the Sculptra begins to work, you should notice improved skin tone and volume (giving that nice, round shape Sir Mix-A-Lot opined about).

Our patients typically see a 10-20% enhancement in their buttocks from each Sculptra treatment.  Many of our patients opt for two Sculptra injections. We space them 2-3 months apart. The full effects of a treatment are typically seen after about 6 weeks but one may see improvement for even longer.

Nonsurgical Butt Lift Part 2: Ultherapy

Ultherapy applied to patient
Ultherapy applied to patient

We may recommend Ultherapy in addition to Sculptra. This is a completely non-invasive procedure that uses microfocused ultrasound technology to deliver targeted energy that contracts and tightens your collagen. Dr. Jegasothy’s extensive experience with Ultherapy means she will be able to target the exact spots on your body with the precise levels of energy required to produce optimal results.

Most mothers in the past forty years have used ultrasound to check on the health and growth of a fetus. As an ultrasound-based technology, Ultherapy is effective, completely safe, and has minimal potential side-effects.

Ultherapy works over a period of months to lift and tighten skin. Immediate results are not the goal and shouldn’t be expected. The real objective is to stimulate the body’s natural processes for healthy skin. Treated areas will continue to improve for up to six months after the therapy and the positive results can last for years.

“How long will my treatments take?”

Each treatment we do takes about 10-15 minutes. If a client wishes to have numbing cream applied before, there may be an additional 10 minutes of time for the cream to work.

“Which is the better option for me?”

Without a consultation, we cannot say for sure. One size does not fit all with these procedures and Dr. Jegasothy doesn’t treat a single type of skin or body. Every treatment is tailored for the client and their goals. Injection sites and amounts, as well as the levels and placement of Ultherapy are carefully and expertly chosen by Dr. Jegasothy to achieve the best results of your nonsurgical butt lift. Her extensive knowledge of non-invasive and nonsurgical techniques means you get the expert guidance required based upon your body, your age, and your skin. Dr. Jegasothy crafts each treatment for each individual. Come see the difference that knowledgeable, bespoke care can make for your derriere.

Love your butt after the nonsurgical butt lift
Love your butt after the nonsurgical butt lift

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