The Dr. Jegasothy Difference: Expert Dermatologist = Better Results

Looking good feels good. In this age, where everyone has a camera in their hands, our faces are our brands. We maintain our personal beauty not just for others, we do it for ourselves. Confidence in ourselves is bolstered by confidence in our looks. 

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At Miami Skin Institute, Dr. Jegasothy and the entire staff are committed to helping clients look and feel their absolute best. With the safest, most modern methods and procedures available, Dr. Jegasothy is on a mission to make Miami and the world more beautiful.

A short look at the history of cosmetics reveals the depths people will mine for beauty. Even in the modern world there are dangers to many cosmetic procedures. There are numerous stories about treatments that went wrong. A theme in most of those stories is the unlicensed practitioner. We strongly recommend that dermatological treatments should be performed by a board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Jegasothy. 

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What is Dr. Jegasothy’s Care Like?

As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jegasothy has years of training and education. She continues to learn and grow; adopting new procedures and pioneering care that emphasizes natural beauty and natural-looking improvement, without the trauma or the recovery times of surgical procedures. 

Dr. Jegasothy provides expert care to her clients. 

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Natural-ish Beauty

Everyone wants to look gorgeous, but very few want to look like they’ve had work done. As a pioneer of the modern dermatology movement to achieve natural-looking results, Dr. Jegasothy does not give her clients the “overdone” look (unless that is what they request). Our mission is to make you look beautiful without looking like you’ve paid to do it.

Quick Procedures, Quick Recovery

At Miami Skin Institute the procedures are quick, often have results that improve over time, and generally have little to no recovery time. The result is a fresher face, tighter skin, a younger look, and all your friends wondering what your secret is.

While there are numerous treatments offered at Miami Skin Institute, injectables are a common solution for our patients. With decades of needle experience, Dr. Jegasothy has cultivated a light-touch injection style. The secret is her superior knowledge of human anatomy. Dr. Jegasothy knows where and how to inject patients with minimal chances for side effects. She credits this partly to her experience with precision needlepoint work starting at age 5 (with gratitude to her mother and grandmother – both master seamstresses). The intricate needlepoint began Dr. Jegasothy’s training in precision needle placement. Her medical education contributed to her skills. However her true mastery of precise injections has come from her decades of experience. 

Young woman receiving a botox injection

The upshot for our clients is that your injections are done by one of the best. You can trust Dr. Jegasothy to apply injectables with the utmost care. She injects precise amounts in the exact locations where they will do the most good.

Guiding Clients

Dr. Jegasothy, like a master craftsman, has a number of different tools to use. Her expert knowledge will help guide you to the most effective procedures for your skin, your body, and your face. Your goals and her expert knowledge will combine to form a bespoke treatment plan focused on the best results possible.

Artisanal Care

Everyone loves a bargain, but this article explains some reasons why beauty bargains can be a bad deal. Dr. Jegasothy is not a discount provider. We do not offer coupons. 

We are also not a factory. Our patients aren’t treated like cattle or products. Every client we have is an individual. They have different skin types, different body types, different conditions, and different goals. One size only fits everyone if it fits poorly. We tailor our care to each individual. Our clients receive personalized treatment because they are all different. Our goal is to provide them with the best results possible. 

Aesthetic dermatology procedure on black woman.

Miami Skin Institute is focused on artisanal-quality work. Our reputation for excellence is internationally recognized, and Dr. Jegasothy consistently ranks among the highest-ranking dermatologists in the country. 

What makes Dr. Jegasothy an Expert in Dermatology?

Her formal medical education includes work at Harvard and Yale. Additionally, in her 25 years of dermatology practice, Dr. Jegasothy developed a deep knowledge of procedures, risks, methods, trends and skin types (especially skin of color). Here is an Essence article on the subject of Melasma that relied heavily on Dr. Jegasothy’s deep knowledge. Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Pittsburgh, Dr. Jegasothy is proud of her experience with all different shades of skin color. She understands how to help individuals from all over the world.

Her expertise isn’t just recognized by her scores of happy clients. Dr. Jegasothy is a recognized, well-regarded, oft-cited expert when media outlets need input on aesthetic dermatology practices, procedures and products. News outlets contact her for beauty tips. She follows the science, and stays abreast of current research and trends in dermatology. Here is an article about future trends in Dermatology that Dr. Jegasothy contributed to.

For anyone who is unable to make it to the Miami Skin Institute, Dr. Jegasothy helped to formulate a line of products specializing in “functional beauty.” MiamiMD products are doctor-formulated, 3rd party tested, and use quality, natural ingredients. They are designed to make you gorgeous and leave lasting benefits. The products each target specific concerns from lines and wrinkles to skin texture. 

Illustration of beauty products

At Miami Skin Institute, we have other premium beauty products carefully selected by Dr. Jegasothy for her clients. All Miami Skin Institute clients can request product samples to complement their beauty goals. Dr. Jegasothy’s expert knowledge of skin types and beauty products means each product is vetted by Dr. Jegasothy personally. 

What Are You Waiting For?

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