Questions for Your Dermatologist That You Were Always Afraid to Ask


Questions for Your Dermatologist That You Were Always Afraid to Ask:

Have you ever had a list of questions for your doctor but were unable to ask them before they finished your Botox® Cosmetic injections? No need to be left wondering what the answers would have been. In this Prevention article by Aviva Patz, “How The Heck Does Your Dermatologist Have Such Smooth Skin, And 7 More Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Your Derm,” Dr. Jegasothy, board-certified dermatologist of the Miami Skin Institute, answers some of these questions that you been dying to ask your dermatologist.

When asking about one mole, are they going to check everything else too?

In a nutshell, no.  “Dermatologists are not mind readers and may feel uncomfortable asking you to remove your clothes unless you say something,” says Dr. Jegasothy.  If you want them to, just ask, dermatologists don’t bite!

We see dermatologists promote products more than others, are they getting paid for that?

While some dermatologists may have a paid partnership with a certain company, that isn’t always the case.  The reason behind your dermatologist encouraging the use of a product is simply because the skincare company is well respected and their products are known to give results.  “They’re known to conduct strong clinical studies and consult with well-respected dermatologists,” says Dr. Jegasothy, “so we feel more comfortable recommending their products.”

Can dermatologist really treat any type of skin problem?

It depends.  While board-certified dermatologists go through vigorous training to treat skin, hair and nail diseases (even cancer!)  throughout their academic career, many tend to go into specialized practices.  “However,” Dr. Jegasothy says, “as we remain in our practices and get further from the academic centers where we trained, many of us begin focusing on one specific area of interest.”

Does a dermatologist perform their procedures on themselves?

Definitely! “Most of us maintain ourselves to a very high level because we want our patients to see what healthy skin, an ageless appearance, and looking your best can really mean,” says Dr. Jegasothy. “Most of my dermatologist colleagues are able to get aesthetic procedures considerably more often than many of our patients, and for that we all feel extremely fortunate.”

There you have it! A little insight into the world of the dermatologist.  You can rest assured that at the Miami Skin Institute, we are always committed the highest standard to make sure you look and feel great and will be sure to answer any questions you may have.  

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