Miami’s Best Cosmetic Dermatologist: Dr. Jegasothy

Okay, we may be a little biased, but Dr. Jegasothy is consistently ranked among the top cosmetic dermatologists in Miami, on the East Coast, and in the United States. She’s won awards as Top Dermatologist in Miami, Top Surgeon, Top 100 Aesthetic Doctors in the USA, Top East Coast Dermatologist, and many more. Whether the judges are fellow doctors or patients, Dr. Jegasothy consistently gets excellent marks for her knowledge, expertise, experience, patient care, and (of course) patient results. With thousands of satisfied clients, Dr. Jegasothy can take well-earned credit for some of the beautiful faces and bodacious bodies one sees all over South Florida, the Caribbean Islands, and Central & South America.

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So, She’s an Expert in Cosmetic Dermatology?

Most definitely. She’s an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Miami’s Frost Department of Dermatology. While an exhaustive list of her media quotes would be near impossible to gather, Dr. Jegasothy is a celebrity dermatologist who has contributed her knowledge to articles in Self, Vanity Fair. Essence, Women’s Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, and many more. She’s also consulted with cosmetic dermatology product manufacturers, been published in medical journals, and pioneered new uses of FDA-approved products.

Who can Miami’s Best Cosmetic Dermatologist Help?

Our clients are not from a single demographic. We don’t cater to one age, race, color, creed, or gender. Dr. Jegasothy has extensive training and experience with all skin types and colors, and she knows how to treat them (because different skin tones require different methods and expertise). As a doctor to the stars, she has spent decades cultivating the ability to read all different types of skin and determine the best treatments to obtain the most attractive, long-lasting results for each individual. With many clients among the rich and famous, Dr. Jegasothy has the experience, ability, and the extensive list of satisfied clients to be called the best cosmetic dermatologist in Miami. 

Miami Skin Institute’s clients all have one thing in common: the desire to look as fabulous as they can. From 18 to over 80, Dr. Jegasothy’s bespoke care will take you as you are and propel you forward to the look you desire. At Miami Skin Institute, we do personalized, artisanal work crafted by Dr. Jegasothy, and custom tailored for each individual client. Long before it was the fashion, she developed techniques that emphasize natural beauty in her clients. Miami’s best cosmetic dermatologist doesn’t leave you looking plastic or overdone (unless that is the look you’re after). 

Can I get Discounted Care From Dr. Jegasothy?

Miami Skin Institute isn’t a discount outlet and doesn’t offer coupons. We provide high-quality, customized cosmetic dermatology care that you won’t find in the bargain bin. Our international reputation speaks to that. Our clients want the best care, and the best is not the cheapest. If price is your primary concern, we are not the right choice. Dr. Jegasothy leverages her decades of experience and training to evaluate each individual so she can craft the best treatment plan for every single client. Her extensive experience includes work with both men and women, people in every stripe of the rainbow flag, from teenagers to octogenarians of every color under the sun. 

How did Dr. Jegasothy Become the Best Cosmetic Dermatologist in Miami?

Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Pittsburgh, Dr. Jegasothy had no intention of settling in Miami when she first arrived. With her undergraduate work at Harvard and a medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she did postgraduate work at Yale and then at University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. 

This was the crucial crossroads where Dr. Jegasothy made the choice that has lifted Miami’s butts, smoothed its fine lines, and made so many of the local beach bodies more beautiful. 

Miami natives have certainly heard of Winter, but unless they really seek it out, the true nature of that season escapes them. Dr. Jegasothy, with her childhood in the wintry climate of Pittsburgh, and after having spent much of her educational career in the northern US, came to Miami for a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital. After one winter in Miami, she decided to live there for the rest of her life. She’s never regretted this decision. From November to April, she cannot imagine a more wonderful place to live. Dr. Jegasothy loves to practice in such a lovely place with people who want to look beautiful.

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Alongside the climate, Dr. Jegasothy has always been charmed by the multiculturalism that Miami offers. No one asks where you are from based upon your looks. She’s never felt prejudiced against in Miami. 

Once she decided to stay and practice cosmetic dermatology in Miami, Dr. Jegasothy worked tirelessly for more than two decades to create a practice that utilizes cutting edge technology along with the best medical research to achieve incredible results for her clients. Her road to success was a bit like making it to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice. Although we must say, there was a lot of education involved as well.

What does Miami’s Best Cosmetic Dermatologist do when she isn’t making people look absolutely fabulous?

Mural in Little Havana, Miami

A self-avowed foodie, Dr. Jegasothy loves to try cuisine from different cultures, and is always on the hunt for new restaurants to try. She especially loves Little Havana for the innovative new restaurants that pop up. She also has a couple Pho restaurants that she hits up regularly. Feel free to ask her for a recommendation.

In Miami, Dr. Jegasothy has access to some of the best shopping one could want (Neiman Marcus is right next door to her office). She also enjoys visits to Miami’s Design District with its wonderful shopping, art and architecture. 

As a devoted traveler, she attempts to visit each continent once a year (except Antarctica; there are no restaurants there), although she gets to Australia a bit less frequently. She loves to visit foreign countries and eat the local fare. The Basque region of Spain has a particular attraction for her. 

Dr. Jegasothy’s Recommendations for Miami 

Dr. Jegasothy has a few suggestions for Miami residents, visitors, and (especially) new arrivals. 

  • Explore the neighborhoods. They have unique identities, flairs, and charms.
  • Miami is a great hub airport from which to travel abroad. Take advantage of it!
  • Try all the fresh produce! There’s so much variety to choose from.
  • Explore the neighborhoods for new restaurants. New and experimental places appear all the time! And don’t keep them to yourself!
  • Join a charity. Dr. Jegasothy is a Junior League member, and has found it to be a rewarding and a wonderful way to meet new people and have a greater impact on the city.
Map of Miami's neighborhoods