Kybella: Fat-Melting Injections

Fitness has never been more important to people than it is now. We want to look good and feel good. Gyms are everywhere and many restaurants are catering to our desire for healthier fare.

Despite a serious habit of sweaty workouts and avocado toast, many people still have trouble eliminating unsightly areas of fat on their body. Stubborn fat deposits don’t disappear with dietary changes or increased exercise. If only there were some way to melt away persistent fat with simple injections (nudge nudge, wink wink)…

Is it Just Me?

No. There are many people in the same boat. Unsightly fat deposits aren’t exclusive to any culture, ethnicity, age, or lifestyle. 

So first, forgive yourself. Fat happens. There isn’t a single, simple reason for it. Age, genetics, and (yes) weight gain can all contribute to extra fat in unsightly places. A healthy diet and exercise are great ways to take care of yourself! You should try to maintain your health through both, but they aren’t magic. And, as far as anyone at Miami Skin Institute can recall, Hermione Granger never made a spell to eliminate small, stubborn deposits of fat.

You Mentioned Kybella Fat Melting Injections?

Oh, yes. Whether you’re 18 years old or a hundred years old, have tried every diet and exercise or not, the Miami Skin Institute aims to help you feel beautiful every time you look in the mirror by providing the personalized, artisanal care that only Dr. Jegasothy can deliver.

In 2015, the FDA approved Kybella, an injectable treatment from the makers of Botox. Kybella is a synthetic version of a naturally-occurring acid that helps the body break down and absorb fat. Rather than plumping up sections of your body and slowly dissolving, it starts a fat-burning reaction. When used properly, Kybella fat melting injections work by destroying fat cells after which they can neither store fat nor regrow. 

What Does That Mean: “Destroying Fat Cells?”

That means the results are permanent. Kybella fat melting injections do not need maintenance treatments. The effect of the treatment is progressive: it improves over the weeks and months after your treatment. And (unless you gain a significant amount of weight) those results will last.

Kybella contains a deoxycholic acid that is administered in small injections to precisely targeted regions.

Kybella injection

Hold up! You Want to Inject Acid into Me?

Well, yeah! First: this is a type of acid that’s already produced in the human body. It will be safely metabolized over a period of one to three months, and, along with the destroyed fat cells, passed as waste from your body. Second: Dr. Jegasothy uses very small amounts in precise locations to melt away fat.

Kybella injection under chin

Are Kybella Fat Melting Injections FDA-Approved?

Although first approved for use under the chin, Dr. Jegasothy is the first physician in the United States to obtain FDA approval to use Kybella on other parts of the body. Dr. Jegasothy is an expert in Kybella’s effects and usage. For over 10 years, she studied its usage around the world, and consulted with companies studying Kybella for the FDA. Generally, a few Kybella treatments are recommended, spaced a month apart. Recovery time is minimal for most patients, and Dr. Jegasothy’s practiced hand and light touch help reduce it even more. 

As with any injectable treatment, there are risks involved. Kybella must be used precisely. Training and education are critical to proper administration. Injections should never be done by unlicensed or untrained practitioners. Dr. Jegasothy is a trusted, trained, experienced, and board-certified doctor who works to reduce the risk of side effects and the need for recovery time because she knows her customers want the best results and don’t have time to spend weeks recovering from a procedure. Her years of training and practice in cosmetic dermatology is more than just a qualification. It’s an assurance that you are getting the best care possible from an expert who has trained in the usage of Kybella fat melting injections, studied the effects and usage around the world, and has even worked on the FDA approval process.

Known as the Queen of Kybella in the fashion press, Dr. Jegasothy’s knowledge of and experience with Kybella is noted in medical journals like Practical Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, and Modern Aesthetics, as well as articles from various news sources and websites.

If you are looking for the expert on Kybella, you’re in the right place.

Let’s look at some of the conditions Kybella can help treat.

Help! My Chin Has a Chin (and It’s Fat)!

Double chin before and after kybella example

The dreaded double chin was once a sign of opulence and even considered attractive. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that those days have long passed. In the modern world, double chins are right up there with warts in the category of “things no one wants.”There isn’t a single, identifiable reason for them. Double chins happen to lots of people. Sometimes, healthy diets and exercise can’t give you the defined chin you want. But Kybella may be the perfect choice to eliminate your second and least favorite chin.

My Arms are Jiggling!

Underarm fat reduction after kybella fat melting injections

It happens! Dr. Jegasothy can help you tighten up and get back into sleeveless shirts.

I Hate My Love Handles!

love handles

You won’t have to for much longer! Start soon, and before next summer your love handles will only be tiny love grips.

There’s Fat Around My Bra Line!

bra line fat reduction

Dr. Jegasothy pioneered the use of Kybella to eliminate fat around the bra areas. Her work was published in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery!

My Butt! It’s too Big!

Well, we’re sure someone out there would disagree, but we can help you lose that extra chub on the backside, so you can twerk without making waves.

fat reduction on the buttocks

UGH! Look at My Thighs!

You are not alone! Fatty thighs can ruin an otherwise excellent physique, but with Dr. Jegasothy’s guidance you can lose the thunder thighs, saddlebags, and other unsightly fat in that region and permanently destroy it.

I Love My Kids, but They Ruined My Belly!

If children knew what having them did to a woman’s body, Mother’s Day would be a monthly holiday!  That leftover belly fat from pregnancy (or just from stubborn fat deposits) can be eliminated with Dr. Jegasothy’s expert care!

kybella injection into the abdomen

My Dad is Morbidly Obese, Can Kybella Help Him?

Sadly, no. Kybella fat melting injections are seemingly magical and definitely powerful, but the product has limits. Mild to moderate fat can be melted away in a month or so, but candidates for Kybella treatments should be within 10-15% of their ideal body weight. Obesity isn’t something that Kybella can solve.

Would Kybella Fat Melting Injections Work for Me?

Dr. Jegasothy is an expert at reading your skin, and formulating a bespoke plan to achieve the look you want. However, without a consultation, she cannot make a treatment recommendation. Set up a virtual consultation to talk about eliminating those stubborn deposits of fat! 

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