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Our Modern, Natural Approach to Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Jegasothy has advocated for years that pursuing a “natural look” in all aesthetic dermatology is best. Known for her gentle technique and “light” but precise injecting skill, she and her thousands of loyal patients agree that the best aesthetic procedures are customized at every visit to ensure noticeable results while enhancing and preserving the inherent beauty we all possess.

Choose the best cosmetic dermatologist ! Dr. Jegasothy is consistently ranked, online and in print, among the top dermatologists in the nation, both by her colleagues and her patients. With degrees from Harvard and Yale Universities, Dr. Jegasothy is one of the best-credentialed aesthetic physicians in the industry. Long before her peers, Dr. Jegasothy pioneered the notion that the best cosmetic work enhances your individual features and slows the signs of aging, but does not change the intrinsic way you look.

Dr. Jegasothy Knows Best

As Dr. Jegasothy’s practice has evolved to include celebrities and socialites from all over the world, she holds consistently to her original concept of ideal aesthetic procedures. She believes in starting skin care, peels, and low-dose injectables early in adulthood to enhance individual features. Later, her most modern approach includes light Fraxel®, Viora®radiofrequency, and Ulthera®/Ultherapy® treatments to smooth, tighten, and lift areas that increasing doses of Botox® and fillers cannot do in a “natural and non-obvious way.”

Before these laser technologies became so effective, aesthetic physicians could only treat aging patients with ever-increasing doses of injectable treatments and surgery, often yielding an “unnatural” or “done” look. Dr. Jegasothy’s generation (Generation X), now in their 40’s and 50’s, are lucky that her new anti-aging lasers will prevent them from “needing” increasing Botox® and filler doses as they age. They will retain the appearance they had in their 30’s and 40’s well into their 50’s by incorporating Fraxel®, Viora®, and Ulthera®/Ultherapy® into their anti-aging maintenance regimens without substantially changing their Botox® and filler dose or frequency.

Dr. Jegasothy urges everyone to “come out” of their Botox® “box” and try the new lasers. Who knows how much how much better our younger patients (Millenials and Generation Z) will look as they age? They are much more vigilant about appearance-maintenance at a younger age (thank you social media!) and my ideas and technology will undoubtedly evolve and improve!

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